What is a Rail Bolt?

Rail Bolt Instruction video
IF TIME IS IMPORTANT TO YOU UT Railbolt is the fastest and easiest way to join fittings and newel posts will maintaining the strength of traditional old style bolts.

The UT Railbolt is another Zipbolt product, it is a two part connecting bolt with a difference to traditional rail bolts and is used in joining handrails, fittings and handrails to newel posts.

The UT Railbolt consists of a shaft with a wood screw thread on one side and with a metal screw thread on the other, it also features a 7mm hex shape as part of the shaft and using a wrench or ring spanner can be easily wound into the end grain or into the newel post.

The other innovative part of the UT Railbolt is the gear housing, this housing is made from die cast zinc and also contains drive gears essentially the brain of this system which allows easy tightening of the Rail bolt at a right angle.

Why use a Rail Bolt?

In traditional old style rail bolts once the shaft is wound into the end grain and joined to the second member is is necessary to place a washer and a nut on to the end of the bolt shaft and tighten, here lies the difficulty and frustration but not with the UT Railbolt. The UT Railbolt housing has a special open channel feature in the housing which allows the housing to simply drop of the bolt shaft and commence tightening using a hex bit or Allen key without fiddling and trying to start a nut in a restrictive small hole with the further difficulty in trying to tighten the nut.

Where to use a Rail Bolt?

The UT Railbolt is perfect when joining a fitting to a handrail for example volutes and goosenecks to handrail as well as handrail to a newel post with speed and eaze. Every stair builder and stair installer can understand the problems and difficulty in trying to get a nut started and tightend deep in a 1' /25mm hole and the fun when the nut drops out. No more need for swearing and cursing as now there is a better way, why would you torture and frustrate yourself when the joining handrail with the UT Railbolt makes you life easier.


  • The hole preparation is the same as with traditional/old rail bolts.
  • Easy and Fast to use.
  • Save time and save money.

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